What is “Niu Matat Napawika”?

The name "Nui Matat Napawika" originates from the word Woman in three indigenous Mexican dialects: Zapoteco, Nahuatl and Raramuri.

What is La Red?

La red links various woman organizations in the United States and different states in Mexico. United by indigenous roots, we seek to preserve our culture through the commercial exchange of products between Mexico and the United States. Thus creating a good quality of life for each and every one of our associates and guarantees the respect of financial, social and environmental rights


We are an international network of Mexican woman organizations, that live in Mexico and in the United States. United by our indigenous cultures we strive to preserve our cultures by constructing a system of fair trade. We work with socially responsible businesses and Mexican families to generate jobs and income based on principles of equality, solidarity and diversity. 


To consolidate an international network of Mexican woman organizations. This network will be developed by families and social conscious businesses that make available fair prices and quality fair service. This network will promote a better way of life for their organizations and members.